Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères is a luxury tea house founded in Paris in 1854 by the Mariage brothers. It is the official tea supplier of the Élysée Palace and is recognised as one of the most prestigious tea houses in the world. All of our Mariage Frères teas are certified organic and labelled Jardin Premier. The label Jardin Premier is reserved for organic teas whose exceptional purity meets the strict European regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

O-Five Rare Tea Bar

Behind O-Five’s name: O stands for Origin. They travel the world building strong bonds with farmers and sourcing rare tea from remote villages. Five represents natureʼs elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Void. In harmony, these elements express tea leaves into an outstanding cup. O-Five provides us with these exceptional rare teas and the highest quality matcha.


Bicerin sources and roasts the finest coffees they can find around the globe. They strive to push the Canadian Specialty Coffee industry forward and are also a SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Premier Training Campus. These coffees are carefully roasted to be enjoyed both as espresso or as coffee prepared by your favourite brewing method.


As one of Canada’s oldest brands, Murchie’s imports and blends the finest quality teas from select gardens around the world and coffees from the world’s finest coffee regions.

As a boy working for Melrose’s of Scotland, John Murchie delivered tea to Queen Victoria while she was in residence at Balmoral Castle. John became increasingly familiar with the types of tea the Queen preferred and as his knowledge of tea grew, he started experimenting with blending teas on his own. When John moved to Canada, he took this passion and pioneering spirit to establish Murchie’s Tea in 1894.

Murchie’s coffees are expertly roasted in Delta, BC where their fine teas are also expertly blended.

49th Parallel

49th Parallel, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is working to make specialty coffee more accessible, including creating a sustainable direct-trade coffee. Their facilities are state-of-the-art and their artisanal approach is science-driven. 49th Parallel contributes positively to the health of local and global ecosystems by motivating, recognising and rewarding every part of their network.